Our Story

Who are we?

We are a clean conscious living lifestyle beauty brand.   Our belief is that great skincare is an art that involves technique, ingredients, and formulation. Confident Beaute Skincare has the right balance between cleansing, treatment, and prevention. Our specialty is high performing cleansing treatments.  We believe that facial cleansing is an art form and the foundation to achieving healthy skin.  It is also a form of self-care; which is an essential to a woman self-esteem and self-confidence.

Formula = Vitamins + Clinically Proven Ingredients (science)

Our formula has an infusion of complex vitamins that include our blend of high nutrient superfoods: kale, wheatgrass, spirulina, broccoli, carrots.


Our mission is to provide clean highly effective vegan products powered by great science. 



Our Promise

We want to be a destination that inspire and empower a community of women and girls who know their true value.  Confident Beaute’s fearless of achieving the success and life they deserve.  We are dedicated to making innovative products that are vegan, cruelty-free, effective and easy to incorporate into your life. Our vegan friendly line has no parabens, polyethylene/PEGs, GMO’s, pesticides or carcinogens.  Living consciously and the fullness of your destiny is a journey of learning and growing.  Confident Beaute wants to be on that journey with you as a trusted adviser and friend.



Our Why

Confident Beaute aims to make a difference in the lives of teenage girls in foster care through product and monetary donations.  Many young girls enter in the foster care system after being separated from their family.  Many have low self-esteem, self-doubt and no personal self-care products when they are taken to live in another home.  We believe self-care is essential to confidence building and valuing oneself. 


For every product sold on our website, we are donating our personal care products to teenage girls entering foster care.


Our Founder

My beauty journey began with my mother, she was a foster care parent for many years. I had the opportunity to see kids closeup, devastated by the separation of their family.  I saw young girls filled with self-doubt and lacked basic personal care items. I saw how that self-doubt and lack of self-care can impact how they viewed themselves. I wanted to do more to help some day.

Confident Beaute Skincare is a cruelty-free vegan treatment that prevents common skin problems and  breakouts in teenagers and women of color. Beautiful skin is more than what we see in a magazine. It builds confidence and self-esteem that filters into how we treat ourselves and allow others to treat us. We are donating cleansing treatments to teenage girls going into the foster care system.


Our “why” is to help build confidence in girls and women so that they know, their true value.


Warm Regards,

Ceteria Golden