Our Story

Our Mission

Beauty Inside and Out:  We are a clean conscious living lifestyle brand.  We believe beauty is having an awareness of what you consume and the effect it has on your body.  Our products are made from the finest plant-based ingredients that helps radiant beauty inside and out. We believe great skincare is an art that involves technique, ingredients, and formulation. Our collection has the right balance between cleansing, treatment, and prevention. Our formula has an infusion of complex vitamins that include our blend of high nutrient superfoods: kale, wheatgrass, spirulina, broccoli, carrots.


Our mission is to provide clean highly effective products that inspire and empower a community of women to consciously live their best life.  We believe confidence is beautiful and a confident woman is a successful woman at work, home and play.

                                                                                 Who is she?


A Confident Beaute is a woman who: ⠀


  • takes a thoughtful approach to what she puts on her body and inside.⠀

  • knows her strengths and areas of opportunity

  • she knows sexy is being confident, smart and informed⠀

  • she cares how she impacts this planet

  • buys products based on ingredients and effectiveness 

  • has a positive mind set and uplift others

  • Knows being confident is more than appearance yet enjoys the beauty rituals of selfcare


Our Product

We have selected high performing natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to deliver results. The botanicals contained within our products are hand-picked by our master chemist for quality and freshness.  Our skincare collection contains some organic ingredients and powered by superfoods. Our vegan friendly line has no parabens, polyethylene/PEGs, GMO’s, pesticides or carcinogens.

Our Promise

We want to be a destination that inspires a lifestyle of healthy clean conscious living.  We are dedicated to making products that are healthy, safe, effective and easy to incorporate into your life. Living a clean healthy lifestyle doesn’t just happen overnight.  It is a journey of learning and growing.  Confident Beaute wants to be on that journey with you as a trusted adviser and friend.


The Founder's Journey

I wish I can say I have always been very conscious of what I put on my skin and in my body, but I haven't.  My journey in conscious living and a healthy lifestyle has gradually evolved. Living consciously for me is making informed deliberate decisions on how I live, what I buy and what I put in my body.  For me, it is not living in perfection.  It's planning and making the best informed decisions for me at that time.


My journey of consciousness began when I started noticing changes in my body and skin as I got older. What was once easy to manage and maintain became hard.   It got to a point that I decided to make an effort to learn more about the good, bad and toxic ingredients that are put in our beauty products and food. 


I have always believed in the importance of taking care of your skin; rather you are genetically gifted with good genes or not.  Investing in good skincare products with high quality ingredients, coupled with a disciplined skincare routine is essential.  The problem is, there are so many products on the market it's overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed, I began to wish there was a collection that had one purpose ~  to get my skin healthy.  If my skin is healthy there will be no acne breakouts, dark spots, dry/oily skin or rosacea.  This is why I created Confident Beaute.  Our new collection Healthy Skin is a high performing vegan-friendly skincare line with one purpose, to get and keep your skin healthy and PH balanced.  It also is indulgent like a luxurious spa.  This is my skincare journey, I would love to hear yours.     





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