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Our Story

Who are we?

Confident Beaute is a vegan, organic, and cruelty-free skincare brand focused on championing clean and sustainable living through groundbreaking cleansing products. Founded on the belief that great skincare is an art and science that involves technique, ingredients, and formulation. Confident Beaute has thoughtfully formulated the delicate balance between cleansing, treatment, and prevention in its products.

This black-female owned natural skincare brand, is pioneering a new niche in face cleansing treatments. Our farm to skin ingredients break the mold of traditional cleansing systems. Confident Beaute is ushering in a new era of purpose-driven, multi-functional face cleansing.  It is strategically designed to rid dark spots, hyperpigmentation, pimples and acne. 
Our collection is formulated with infusion of complex vitamins that include our blend of high nutrient superfoods from around the globe with enhanced usage for all skin types. This four-step system includes powerful vitamins and nutrients blended with clinically proven ingredients. It is formulated with the right balance of treatment and prevention to achieve healthy skin.     These ingredients transforms the skin back to its natural glow.
STEP 1 Vitamin Elixir Cleansing Oil ⠀
STEP 2 Daily Vitamin Exfoliating Cleanser⠀
STEP 3 Nutrient-Rich Resurfacing Clay Mask⠀
STEP 4 Vitamin Infused Hydrating Facial Toner
Each step is masterfully curated to compliment the other, working in tandem to achieve smooth, clear skin. This clean beauty brand is free of parabens, polyethylene/PEGs, GMO, pesticides, or carcinogens. 

Our mission is to provide non-toxic highly effective vegan products powered by great science. 



Our Founder Story

My skincare journey begin as a teenager and continued as an adult struggling to mask my pimples and dark spots.  I fell in love with "the search" for the perfect skincare product.  My love of trying new skincare products quickly became disillusioned by the results.  After trying so many different brands, seeing dermatologist and estheticians,  I wanted to create my own brand.  One that focused on what I believed was the root cause of pimples, dark spots and acne; ineffective face cleansing.  I believe facing is the foundation to achieving beautiful skin.

Our Promise
We want to be the destination that give women confidence and empower them to be their best self. 

Join the journey of becoming a better you!



Warm Regards,

Ceteria Golden

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