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4 Hot Wellness Trends in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic gave all aspects of health and wellness a good shakeup in 2020. Our wellness routines went out the window as we got confined to our homes and started seeing self-care through a different lens.

The physical disconnect from others allowed us to realize how crucial it is to look after ourselves and cater to our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Wellness Trends in 2021: What You Should Expect

Below are the top wellness trends you should look out for in 2021.

1. Digital Detox

Thanks to the stay-at-home orders, we realized how much negative energy from social media, TV, and news could impact our state of mind. We learned to set boundaries, practice digital detox, and disconnect from the world to reconnect with ourselves.

In 2021, no matter how hectic your routine gets, always find some time to meditate, enjoy nature, and indulge in creative projects.

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2. At-Home Workouts

As the gyms closed their doors in 2020, the trend of at-home workouts took over the fitness world. People started exercising at home to keep their bodies and minds feeling good.

In 2021, you should continue to benefit from virtual training and find a way to adjust some form of physical activity in your daily routine. On days when you’re swamped with work, you can do a quick 10 to 15-minute workout to stay motivated.



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3. Upcycling Food

This is one of the most prominent wellness trends in 2021, encouraging people to be better food consumers. To reduce food waste at home, you should organize your refrigerator to consume perishable food items first. Buying local and using leftovers to make a new dish are also excellent practices.

4. Simpler Skincare Routines

The pandemic allowed people to be more comfortable in their skin and stick to a simple skincare routine. It’s high time now that you say goodbye to the 12-step regimen and buy less but quality products. You have no idea how much money you can save by making this little change.

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