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AM vs. PM Skincare Routine Order

While having a skincare routine that you follow every day is great, most people understand that their morning and evening skincare routine should be different according to their skin’s needs.

Why Should You Have A Different Morning and Evening Skincare Routine?

Throughout the day, we are exposed to dirt, UV rays, sebum production, makeup, pollutants, and bacteria. Research shows that on average, people tend to touch their face 23 times an hour. All of this adds up to a lot of wear and tear for our skin. My morning skincare routine is more focused on preparing my skin for the day ahead. While my nighttime routine is aimed to cleanse and repair my skin from toxins it accumulated throughout the day.

At night, our skin heals and recuperates faster. I believe that using the right products will help reduce the effects of aging, and make your skin look fresh for the next day!

My Ideal Morning Skincare Routine Order

1. I make sure to cleanse my skin of the oil and bacteria that transferred onto my face from my hair and pillowcase. My preferred cleanser is the Daily Vitamin Cleanser.

2. Exfoliating helps me get rid of dead skin cells and dullness, to give a clearer and fresher complexion.

3. A toner is excellent for hydrating and refreshing your skin. I prefer using this Vitamin Infused Hydrating Toner with rose petals as it balances the pH of my skin.

4. A moisturizer keeps your skin looking supple and fresh for the rest of the day. I recommend searching for a moisturizing that comes with SPF to protect your skin from UV rays.

My Ideal Evening Skincare Routine

1. My number one rule is to remove all traces of makeup before bed. I use a pre-cleansing oil to make this process easier. Ensuring your skin is free from dirt and cosmetics will keep it healthy.

2. Next, I rinse away any residue and oil with a cleanser to prepare my skin to absorb my nighttime skin products more effectively.

3. If you love using face masks as much as I do, this would be the perfect time! Applying face masks is good for your mental health too as it gives you some much needed “me-time.”

4. I finish off my evening skincare routine by applying a serum or moisturizer that suits my skin.

Morning and evening skincare routine products will differ too. Night-time products promote your skin’s regeneration process, while day-time products focus on hydrating and protecting your skin.


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