Face Mask, essential or not?

Is a face mask essential to your skin care routine? YES!

A face mask is apart of the products or skincare system that you need to care for your skin. If you have existing skin care issues, a face masks can expedite improvement to your skin. It's an important part of any regimen because it offers an added skin boost.

Face mask are available for all skin types. Masks can vary from oil-absorbing clays, to hydrating sheets and gels or creams. Face mask skin care treatments to help you with specific areas of concerns. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils, rid acne and help improve the appearance of your pores.

We have three face mask in our Signature Trio Collection:

Detoxifying Impurities: it's a deep clean and unclog pores. It's great for acne, blackheads, excessive oil and pimple issues.

Citrus Fruit Peel: Revitalizes your skin with a gentle exfoliation and smooth out wrinkles

Burst of Hydration: hydrates your skin and brings it back to life

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