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My Skincare & Wellness Journey ~ Our CEO

My struggles with weight and skincare disciplines.

I have learned thru trial and error, failure and success that my result is a direct correlation with my disciplines or routines. Surprises, surprise right! I have struggled with my weight for some years and I still struggle. I have also struggled with maintaining a consistent skincare routine. However I have accepted some things about myself. Can I share?

  • I LOVE sweets, high sugary foods; cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, love it all!

  • I don't like a skincare routine that take 9-10 steps to achieve desired results

  • Planning out my week, in relation to food and beauty routines feels like a chore

  • I STILL don't enjoy exercising, I do love when it's done

  • I need to see results in my skincare products fairly quickly

  • I am more comfortable living UNCONSCIOUSLY

These are somethings I had to come to terms with about myself. So, I learned to implement some strategies to help me.

  • Because I can eat something sweet everyday, I track how frequently I indulge; no more then twice a month. I document the day and time on a calendar because I will lie to myself.

  • Confident Beaute's Skincare has better ingredients and it's effectiveness. It has the right balance between cleansing, treatment, and prevention. Our formula has an infusion of complex vitamins that include our blend of high nutrient superfoods: kale, wheatgrass, spirulina, broccoli, carrots. You will see proven results and it will not take 10 steps to achieve them. Our skincare specialty is HIGH PERFORMING CLEANSING TREATMENTS

  • Something's that are good for you, you have to JUST DO! This is exercise for me. When I exercise, my goal is to DO IT and BE DONE! My workout is from 30 - 45 minutes, I get bored on the treadmill, so I limit it to 15 minutes, 15 minutes stair climber and 15 minute weights. My commitment to myself is three times per week; Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Living Consciously has to be a deliberate act. This is the act of thinking and planning what I eat, buy and things I surround myself with. Mindless eating and beauty buying is easy and quite enjoyable. However I deserve better than that and I have to consistently remind myself to stay present and live consciously.

TALK TO ME, SHARE your struggles with weight and skincare in the comment section. Follow Us on IG, FB, Pinterest #BeConfidentBeaute

Well I hope some or all of this helps you or inspire you in some way. Have a wonderful day and do something FUN!

Warm Regards,



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