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Top 3 Skincare Habits of Queen Bee ~ Beyonce

One of the easiest ways to spot a celebrity in a crowd is by their glowing skin. Some celebrities just seem to have the most flawless skin without textures or scarring even without makeup. We wonder, are the rules of nature any different for them? Not really. Their skin is just as prone to getting acne and pores as the rest of us. In fact, their skin is more likely to get damaged as their job demands them to use various skin products. They are constantly exposed to an environment not exactly favorable for healthy skin.

So, how do they manage to make their skin look great and healthy?

Let's look into the skincare habits our beloved celebs follow. And there’s no better candidate for it than the Queen Bee, Beyoncé.

1. Rose Oil for healing your skin

Our Queen Bee hails it as one of the best skin elixirs. Mixing one-third of rose oil in two-thirds of water makes the perfect spritzing spray to rejuvenate one's skin.

2. Cleansing Oil for a well-hydrated skin

Beyoncé uses Coconut oil directly or products that contain it to remove makeup from her face. She also uses it as moisture sometimes before going to bed. Using facial oils or products with oil extracts is becoming increasingly popular in the skincare industry. Our Vitamin Elixir Cleansing oil is what you need if you wish to get well-hydrated skin like Queen Bee’s.

Our Vitamin Elixir Cleansing Oil is packed with the nourishment of Avocado, Jojoba, Macadamia and Tamanu oils combined to bring an incredible skincare product ideal for everyday use. This product is not only perfect for removing heavy makeup, but it can also be used as a sunscreen to protect your skin. You will get smooth and well-hydrated skin with regular usage of this cleansing oil. It will further help heal your skin and improve its elasticity, making it extra soft and supple.

3. Exfoliating Face Mask for Pre-Oscar Glow

A scrub a day keeps your troubles away! Like many of us, Queen Bee is also known for using exfoliating face masks before any important event like the Oscars or Grammy’s. She prefers using exfoliating scrubs or face masks that help get rid of dead skin and leave the skin feeling smooth, nourished, and glowy. The Nutrient-Rich Resurfacing Face Mask from our product portfolio is a great example of an exfoliating face mask. This product features the goodness of organic ingredients like kale, wheatgrass, broccoli, carrots, etc. that are all superfoods that work wonders for your skin.

If you use our Nutrient-Rich Resurfacing Face Mask regularly, it will deeply clean your pores to the core, giving you clean, hydrated, and smooth textured skin. It also helps balance your skin’s pH levels and gives you a brightening glow.

PRO TIP: Rub the mask in your hands for 5-6 seconds before you apply it to your face. Then massage for a minute and wash with lukewarm water for best results.

Follow all these tips if you wish to get great skin like Queen Bee.

Do check out our wide range of organic skincare products on Confident Beaute’s website.


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