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The Ultimate Skincare Routine

It’s true, beautiful and healthy skin has a lot to do with genetics. However a daily skin routine and the right products can transform problematic skin into a flawless glowing complexion. Since the earliest ages, we are taught to wash our face in the morning, before going to bed and to apply a moisturizing cream. As the skin ages, accompanied by the influence of a busy life, stress, and pollution, your skincare routine should change too. Each skin type is different and requires different care. Setting and maintaining a skincare routine that you will follow, will help you achieve glowing flawless skin.

The most basic skincare steps are proven to be the most effective ones. If you have not established your skincare routine, these are some effective steps to follow as an ultimate skincare routine:

Find suitable products

Good skincare habits start with finding the right products that are suitable for your age and skin type. The most common and regular products for a daily skincare routine should include face scrub or exfoliator, cleanser, toner, spot cream, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, oil, and SPF. This is the suggested order to use each of the products in the skincare process. With time, the skin becomes more demanding so the products need to be switched with ones rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and vitamin A retinoid.

Confident Beautes Citrus Detox Clensing Gel is a natural organic vitamin enriched citrus gel wash formulated for all skin types.

Target breakouts separately

If the breakout appears, it is important to treat each one individually. Soften the blackhead with a warm cloth and squeeze the blackhead out. Apply a product to calm the irritation only at that place. Applying a product for acne or irritation all over the face might dry the skin and do more damage than good.

Night care is a must

The night care is as important as the morning one. Before going to bed, the face must the cleaned from all the dirt that has collected over the day. Washing it, applying a toner, eye cream and a night cream must become a part of your night skincare routine.

Extra tip

Boosting the production of collagen in the skin depends from person to person. That is why the collagen now comes in many drinkable versions. Start using the collagen in your daily routine by consuming it regularly. The results on the skin are more than overwhelming. It is a suggested addition to your regular skincare routine.

Following these steps and finding the right products according to your budget will upgrade your skincare routine to a whole new level will excellent results.

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