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Wellness Weekend: refocus

This is our WELLNESS WEEKEND: refocus.

Even during the holiday season we can have some discipline to our wellness routine. I know what you're thinking, how? All the parties, office gatherings, cookies, cakes and cocktails it feels impossible but it's not. It takes MENTAL DISCIPLINE and PREPARATION to maintain your wellness routine during this tempting time of the year.

Let's start with preparation. It's defined as the activity or process of making something ready or of becoming ready for something. We have to ready our self for each week, planning for the unexpected and expected. Here are some tips to help in your preparation.

TIP #1 MEAL PREP - have a designated day every week to plan and prepare your meals. If eating out, do your research to review the restaurants menu and determine the healthiest choice.

TIP #2 PREPARE A GROCERY LIST: my least favorite but it's so necessary. You should decide in advance what you are going to eat for the upcoming week. When you have a list it's less opportunity of deviate off plan.

TIP #3 REMEMBER THE NUMBER ONE: if the unexpected happens and you are around holiday cookies and small sweet goodies PLAN for only one; only if you are salivating or want to be sociable.

TIP #4 80% PLANT-BASED: when preparing your plate make sure 80% of your food is plant-based and the rest protein.

TIP #5 WATER REMINDERS & SCHEDULE: take out the number of bottles of water you need to drink for the day. You need a visual and this helps remind you to get your water in throughout the day. Schedule your water time by the bottle or container. Determine how many you need to drink before work, during and after.

TIP # 6 HAVE A PLAN FOR THE DAY: before you walk out the door know what you are eating for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and water times (with programmed phone alarm).


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