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Your Guide| How to Rid Dark Spots!

Flaunting spotless and radiant skin has become the biggest flex. The radiance in the skin is a matter of skin quality; dark spots are usually just hyper-inflammation on the skin, essentially on the skin’s surface. Hyperpigmentation does take time but mostly lights down over time on its own and takes from three months to 2 years to completely vanish away. Let’s take a look at the best products and ingredients that help get rid of dark spots from your skin.

Vitamin C is known to be a very effective de-pigmentation agent that reduces the formation of melanin. It brightens the skin and evens the skin tone as well. Since lemon is a very rich source of vitamin C, it can be used as a home remedy solution. Click here to buy the Vitamin Infused Hydrating Facial Toner on our website. This product is enriched with vitamins to soothe and hydrate your skin. It also helps maintain the Ph balance of your skin, giving it a bright and fresh glow.

One of the foolproof ways to reduce the dark spots from the skin is using sunscreen. Sun protection of at least SPF 30 is a good place to start for long-term protection from hyperpigmentation. Experts say that sunscreen should be worn regularly regardless of the weather during g the day.

Hydroquinone is a readily available OTC product that bleaches the skin and has proved to be very effective against dark spots. FDA has approved to sell hydroquinone OTC in 2% concentrations; hence it is very safe to use. Hydroquinone reduces the number of melanocytes present in the skin; thus, the skin looks lighter and evenly toned over time. The skin usually takes about four weeks to show weeks the effects of hydroquinone, but it could take several months in some cases as well. Even though all these ingredients have been found to work wonders against dark spots, every skin type is unique, and one solution might not fit all. The best approach to tackling hyperpigmentation is, however, consulting the dermatologist and following the prescription.

At Confident Beaute, we offer a wide range of organic products that can help you get rid of dark spots. Our Nutrient-Rich Resurfacing Face Mask is enriched with the goodness of Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid, which remove dead cells and hyperpigmentation and helps give you that spotless glow.

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