Water & Your Skin

Did you know that regular consumption of adequate amount of water can improve the texture and complexion of your skin? Yes, drinking water and keeping the body hydrated is not only good for your health as it aids digestion and circulation of nutrition, but it is also good for your skin. Plentiful water consumption can give you healthy and younger-looking skin. Drinking enough water can do wonders to your skin health and leave you with radiant skin.

You will be surprised to know that drinking water is the most effective anti-aging treatment as it hydrates your skin, makes it soft and glowing by keeping the wrinkles at bay. Approximately 50-70 per cent of our body mass is made up of water,  including skin, tissues, cells and the organs so when your body does not get sufficient amount of water, your skin has less resilience, it becomes dry, flaky and more prone to wrinkles.

Drinking water can aide in skin breakouts, acne and pimples. By consuming more water, you will ensure that all the toxins are flushed out from your body which will certainly help in curing the breakouts and keep your skin clear

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